Looking for more than just a job?

Then you need to come talk to us.

If you’re a sales All-Star that’s not getting paid enough, it’s time to make a change. We don’t care if you have industry experience… we train the right people to succeed.

We are looking for sales All-Stars that…

— Thrive in a fast paced environment

— Set goals and hustle for BIG returns

— Have the skills to close deals

— Like being outside

At D3 Contracting Services we do in-home sales, for BIG ticket items, with BIG commissions.

$70,000 + income with top earners making over $100,000! ← Seriously.

If you think you’ve got what it takes and want to learn more then give us a call at (214) 303-9988.

We are more interested in who you are as a person rather than what’s on paper.

If you’re at the job you don’t like, and can’t talk on the phone, then email me us at Careers@D3Contractors.com.

We are filling these positions quickly… we’ve got some closing to do!